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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Napa Fire

A Call To Action

Building On Fire In Napa California

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What Happened

On October 12 2017, tragedy struck Northern California. A wildfire broke out and spread to populated areas and left many displaced. The primary locations that were affected were Napa County, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Petaluma. Those displaced include wildlife, pets, and people.

What Was The Cause?

We do not know the actual source. Some think it was a PG&E power line that caused the initial fire, others think it was arson but we can't say for sure what really caused the blaze.The fire spread as many trees had died and provided the fuel for this devastating event. The strong winds, 75 mph blew the flaming embers throughout the area. The fires spread so fast that initial responders could not control the fire. Eventually, first responders decided to let the fire burn itself out and stop fighting it.

How This Fire Has Impacted Me

Fortunately, I do not live in the affected region. However, it is so sad that wildlife in the 240,000 acres that were affected. The vegetation they eat was destroyed! I also have friends that were forced to evacuate because of the fire. One of my best friends had to leave her home and chickens behind to escape the fire. According to her, the fire was 100 feet away from their house and they tried their best to fight it but it was too late and the fire was already to strong. They had to pack up anything they could and leave with little notice. They left behind things that couldn’t be replaced such as family photos, yearbooks, and most importantly, the memories she made in that house. She was not the only one that was impacted by this devastating fire. There were thousands of people that had to relocate because of the fire that was raging through their towns and communities. It is extremely sad that people had to leave their pets behind because they did not have enough time to rescue them.

How Can You Help?

  • Call the local animal shelters to see if there is a way in which you can volunteer.
  • Open up empty rooms in your house for those who had their houses burned down.
  • Raise money for the victims of the fire and spread awareness about how devastating this fire was.
  • Volunteer in the relief efforts by going out and looking for lost pets and people.

Places To Donate Money

People Dispaced After The Napa Fire

Photo credit: Cetusnews

As of now, no one knows how many animals and people were displaced because sadly, the number is so high. I myself plan to volunteer and help find and rescue the pets that had to be abandoned and left behind based on the recommendations of the local animal shelter societies. So in conclusion, I urge you to help whenever and wherever you can. These people have lost almost everything and even something as simple as a prayer for those in need can go a long way.

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