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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

About MJ and All Need Care

Michael John Kulick

First I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Throughout my whole life I have been very passionate about animals and helping them get better. I have had pets since I can remember and I wouldn't regret any of it. I have had fish, snakes, cats, and dogs so i'm not a rookie when it comes to the animal scene. My goal with this venture is to give these pets a fighting chance in finding a good home for them and to let people know about the health benefits that come with owning a pet. I believe that every is unique and that each dog can cater to different people.

Owning a pet can also teach children about responsibilities and get them ready for their adult years. That is how my parents taught me about the concept of responsibility. When I was around six years old, my mother and father got us our first dog. He is a boxer named boris and without him, I would not be the man I am today.

Another thing I hope to accomplish with this venture is to get kids, teenagers, and even adults involved at their local animal shelters. These pets spend the majority of their days in their enclosures and when you come through the doors to walk them or play with them, their eyes light up and it is the highlight of their day. You are not only benefiting yourself by volunteering, you are also making a pet’s day by taking the time to see them and interact with them. I myself worked for my local SPCA shelter for six months and if I could go back in time, I would relive it all again. I met so many amazing and inspiring people that helped me realize what it takes to succeed. I got to meet some amazing pets whose backstories warmed my heart.

One story that really stuck with me was the one about Sunshine. Sunshine was a mutt that was found one day at the doorstep of the San Francisco SPCA and she was just a puppy. She was malnourished but extremely playful and loving. Over her time at the SPCA, Sunshine had become a shelter known name and she was one dog whose excitement for interaction never faded. Fortunately, she was adopted after 3 months of being there and that comes to show that all dogs can find a warm, loving home.

Being a volunteer at a shelter can also get you valuable service hours if you are a student and that looks really good on a college resume because it shows that you are committed to sacrifice your own time for the sake of others. It can also build leadership as you can help new volunteers get the hang of things after you have been there for a while and that can benefit down the line in life. There are many benefits to volunteering at a shelter and if you are willing to put the time and effort in, you will become a more positive and compassionate person.

Some things I plan to accomplish with this blog/venture:

  • Get shelter dogs more exposure by presenting some of them at events such as Opera ball, Giants games, and many other major events.
  • Inspire kids and teenagers to find their calling in life through community service and shelter work.
  • Let people know about the health benefits of owning a pet.
    • Improve heart health
    • Kepp you active
    • Help you lose weight
    • Improve your social life
    • Reduce stress
    • Add more meaning and purpose to your life
    • Stave off and fight depression
    • And they can help you battle disease and injury just by being in your presence
  • Grow into a national venture so that I can help not just dogs in my area, but dogs all across the country because I feel that every dog deserves a warm and loving home.
  • Overall just help people realize that we should look to shelters and help the dogs that don't have homes as opposed to getting one from an expensive breeder. (Does not mean that I have anything against dog breeders. I think they do fantastic work and I applaud them for succeeding in a very contested field.)
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